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Smurfie the Syco

Member of Dizzie Rascals record label ‘Dirtee Stank Records, very own label ‘Chocolate label’, born and raised in North London, only 19 years old…


With a very interesting history behind him, and even more coming to him, Smurf seems like someone we should keep our eyes open for….

In 2006, Smurfie Syco managed to secure a deal with ‘Chrysalis’ record label based in London. This helped him discover who he was as an artist, as well as tour around the country, gaining confidence and a huge fan base!!!!

Whilst on his travels he met thee ‘Dizzie Rascal’ and thats when the magic started to happen..

When I saw Smurfies twitter update (@smurfiesyco) telling the world he would be coming to Newcastle, I was ‘buzzing’…so to speak LOL. My mind went straight to ‘a Blog post’…and you guys :)…

Popping bottles in TupTup palaces VIP area, for Newcastle United player ‘Nile Ranger’s’ birthday, I eventually got to meet this driven handsome chap. When chatting, he started telling me how he got involved with Dizzie. He met the main man on tour…they got talking business and he exchanged contact info with his tour manager.

When Smurfs deal with Chrysalis fell through, he got in touch with the team on myspace, telling them how he wanted to get involved. As it was clear this youngun had talent, Dizzie was keen to get him on board and as soon as ‘Dirtee Stank Records’ beame an established independant record label, he was brought in…

Since then, Smurfie has been focusing fully on his music, spending time day in day out in his home studio..submitting tracks to the label and making sure every one knows his name. With alot of experience behind him, and huge amounts of drive and determination, he really is an inspiring character…

(Take notes…I am hehe)

A support act for huge artists such as Dizzie Rascal, Lily Allen, Jason Status, Example etc and getting involved in Radio 1 live lounge and 1xtra its clear hes focused, and has what it takes.

Mr Syco is definatly someone we should anticipate…

You can find him in the studio, find him on stage, hear him on your radio and catch him in videos.

That’s great to see  ❤

His 1st single comes out after Dizzies new single Dirty disco…So it seems well ALL be seeing him around July time.

Im exited…So should you be 🙂

Find him…

Twitter :

New Music <3

La la la la la….:)

Afternoon!!! Hope everyones well. Back to music…:)

So bloggiesss, just realised I have’nt really shown you much of what I have achieved or what Im trying to do at the moment.

Most recently, Im featuring In SUPANICE….North East rappers new music video – which is set to be released very soon on all UK music channels. Im not singing, just the leading lady :)!! Il upload the video as soon as its finished, but will have a blog entry on SUPANCE himself, and include pictures from the making of the video aswell 🙂 video footage and the likes :)!! Should be exciting!!! (Heres 1 photo from the shoot)…

In the past, you all know (or should know) I was in girl band Desire. We auditioned for X FACTOR 2009 auditions and got to the last 12 bands. Going to London for a week for bootcamp at the Hammersmith Apollo. Amazing experience!!!!

With the group, I supported incredible artists in the UK and Ireland….>>

*JLS (Newcastle Tiger Tiger, Liquid & Luna nighclub Ireland)

*Taio Cruz (Ireland)

*Lemar (Newcastle)

*Dj Ironik (Newcastle)

*Fugative (Newcastle)….(Also featuring on a track on his album)

*Blazing Squad (Newcastle)

To name drop 🙂  !!! Life Is Good !!!

I featured on Newcastle United Player/French rapper – WESLEY BAHENG – ‘FI-KASS”s song and music video…’When the sun goes down’

Working with North East star SILVAR…I featured on his amazing track..’Fly Away’…

Hope you enjoy the tracks and video….<3

I am now working with different producers around the country on my own original music!!

Iv just uploaded a new song ‘MY MUSIC IS MY MAN’…>> <<<<< MY MUSIC MYSPACE PAGE….listen in 🙂 Love you all x

Over & Out



Keeping up to date with JamilahMusic

Heyy everyone!!!

Just wanting you to keep you all updated!! 🙂

Had such an amazing weekend. Was in the studio recording a new song on FRIDAY..with Okan, Silvar, Jav and Young Littlez…il put up a link asap 🙂 Just waiting for it to finish being mixed.

Had a performance on Saturday night in SEA nightclub Newcastle on the Quayside….

Performed alongside the TOP BOY FAMILY, Supanice and Dash…

I also sang the hook on Supanices soon to be released single,’This is it’!!!! The crowd were amazing 🙂

On sunday i was performing at the Theatre Royal too :):)

Heres some more photos from Saturday night…Hope you enjoy 🙂 And keep locked….

Silvar got all the family on stage…for a sing along to UK NUMBER 1…PASS OUT…

Friends showing support

Over and Out


Music myspace page….

Showing Local Love <3

‘SILVAR’ A.K.A Stephen Elms, brings something new and fresh to the small town of Newcastle. His ludacris lyrics that cross every line keep you so entertained your waiting for more.

His confidence could be over looked as cokiness but Silvar still holds the belt for ‘TOP BOY ROUND HERE’

Encouraging other youths to be as dedicated and passionate as he is, Silvar has created a power group with some other of the North Easts talents…<3
You May Know Them As…
Not only are they taking our city by storm, but they have also joined the other HipHop artists we know worldwide promoting a clothing line..

Having supported Interntionally huge acts such as Neyo, Tinchy Stryder, JLS, Chipmunk and many more, he tells us what it is that he loves about music…

'The emotion you can portray and the element of suprise the first time you hear a tune'…<< Thats what he loves 🙂

His advice to us all, is to make sure we know the ins and outs of what we want to get into.
The music industry is a RAW one and those in power WILL take advantage if you don't know what your doing.
His last piece of advice…'If something seems to good to be true, it usually is.'


Watch his movements…

Over & Out


Meet & Greet with Tempa T

🙂 Good Morningggg World 🙂

Iv been soooo excited to write this blog. Finally found my focus and last night was the beginning!!


An electric 24year old reppin London Town (EAST), took Newcastle’s ‘BAR BEYOND’ by Storm last night. Never felt a floor move like it!!

Atmosphere was OFF THE ROOF…<3

Even the ‘matures’ (haha) in the crowd were feeling it!!! I was very impressed!!

After watching his performance and the reception he got from the crowd, i was EAGER to sit down and chat.

I caught up with Temps in the V.I.P booth and the convo began!!!

Talking to him was quite inspirational for me…His belief was that, Unless you have it in you…you’ll never do it!  He told me that he’d been pursing music since he was young and how its who he is. As he talked about his passion for it, you could really see how much Music means to him!! 

TEMPS ADVICE : ‘Do what you love, and when you do it, do it 100%’


Watch his movements…


 Over & Out ❤



Just  a quick one…and i know i shouldnt really be saying this cause it really isnt ‘music’ related but…uno me 🙂


Dawned on me today…we have come sooo far. Once upon a time woman died so they had the right to vote…now where living in a world where we can and nobody cares??!!! Lets FIX up Females 🙂

I votedddddd ❤

Over & Out


I SHOULD be Blogging :)

Wesley Baheng (Newcastle United Player) and I on video shoot

Its alllllllll about the Music ❤

Just in a lecture and our stand in Lecturer has just now INSPIRED me :):)

I now have A FOCUS for my blog…As im an aspiring artist, iv decided to blog about other artists who are trying to do what i do!! Weather there from the UK or America.

I will be trying to grab an Interview with up and coming artists who come to Newcastle in order to promote themselves and their music.

Tomorrow TEMPA T will be gracing us with his presence @ nightclub BEYOND.

I will upload pix with the artists and tell you how THEY got their foot in the door!!!

I will aslo try and use my womanly powers ;);) haha to tell them about my MYSPACE ‘’ <<<<<<<<

And get that contact list EXTENDED!!!

IM BUZZIN :):) This will hopefully be a succcesssss!!!!!


Over & Out

Jamilah ❤

Am i sure…Continuation..!!

So guys….!!!! I am now Unemployed! Am I now just another statistic in the system? Making a mockery out of our government??

Nehhhh, I’m taking a breather :)….(As if being on maternity leave for a year wasn’t a big enough breather)

After sleeping on it, I feel I made the right decision!! The ‘Hero Hassans’ do a lot for me, and being a university student, working 25 hours a week AND spending the time in between in the studio or writing…I feel I may be asking a little too much of em!! Ahhhh well….Mama Jam is back :):)

Over & Out

Jamilah ❤

Men <3 What are we looking for…???

All my friends i hold dear, can tell you how much i ❤ men…but iv just came to realise what it is that im looking for!!!!!

What are we looking for ladies??

We have alllllll been the Shoulder to cry on have we not?? When that ‘Tosser’ cheated on our Bestiesss…Pllayed her like a Bandjo and still didnt txt her bk orrrrr return the phone call.

But do we want the other end of the coin??

The romantic we search for and think about when the subtitles run up te screen after a chick flick??? He knows we like a treat every now and again…SMOOTHERS us in kisses when where together…talks about the future ‘where gonna have’…..????!1


Iv decided…!!!!!!!! I NEED A REAL MAN…

Im an Independant women i like to think <3!! And i feel like every penny thats spent on me…should be out of ‘Miss Jamilah Hassan’ ‘s Lloyds bank account!

I dont ever dabble in Long term relationships but fell in LOVE once…!!!! I now feel like my ‘LOVER’ and I are no longer compatible..!!! Thats when it hit me!!

Hes not what im looking for…

I want….sorry… I Need…someone whos on the same page as me! I want us to be a ‘power couple’!!!! Both striving for the sky.

Someone who takes control, but isnt controlling!!

 Who knows how to be Mr Romantic…

Successful…But i DONT WANT HIS MONEY!!!

Ambitious….Driven…Funny…Sexxy…Family Orientated….Religious

Wow….my minds all over the place :)…Hes out there…!!!

Maybe iv met him…But yeahhh…

Men….<3…thats what IM looking for…^^^^ x

Over & Out

Jamilah ❤

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